Summer Nights 4 v 4 Tournament

2nd Annual TSA Summer Nights
4 v 4 Soccer Tournament


The upcoming 4v4 TSA Tournament has been postponed.
More details will be known by July 8 on whether an alternate date has been selected.


Early Bird Registration: $150/team until June 16th
After June 16th: $180/team

Registration Deadline: June 18th


6 Player Maximum Per Team

U6—18 Boys/Girls Open 18 & Older

Open 18 & Older
Open 35 

Open 45 
Open 55

Open 18 & Older
Over 35

*All participants must return a signed waiver form at check-in to eligible.*
Use the "4 vs. 4 Waiver" link to the left to print your blank form.

Youth ~ Contact Cathy Nicholson ~

Adults ~ Christopher Thomas ~



  •  Flight Schedules: Coming Soon!


  •  Pool Play and Standings: Coming Soon!


  •  Standings: Coming Soon!


  • Individual Team Schedules: Coming Soon!


  •  Score Chart: Coming Soon!